Thursday, June 8, 2017

Girls Get Fit and Fierce with Dance

Slightly fewer girls participate in physical education classes now than in 2007. According to The State of Girls, in 2015, about 26 percent of high school girls took physical education classes five days a week, compared to 27 percent in 2007. 

Dance is one way girls in Girl Scouts learn about the importance of exercise, and one way all girls can have fun. But that's not all girls learn in the Green Starlettes, Girls Scouts of San Jacinto Council's dance team. Much like a high school drill team, girls meet to learn choreography, elect officers, host dance camps for younger Girl Scouts and even perform at several public events throughout the year, including a self-hosted spring show. 

Through dance, girls can stay fit, conquer stage fright, learn leadership and the power of girls and friendship. Here is why one Girl Scout loves dance and joined the Green Starlettes.

Why I’m a Green Starlette – Erica Rosales

For Green Starlettes Officer Erica Rosales, joining the dance team became a goal when she attended one of their workshops as a Junior.

“I was impressed by how much fun they were having dancing and working together,” she says. “That was when I decided I wanted to be a part of the Green Starlettes.”

As a Green Starlette Erica enjoys dancing and the chance to perform at exciting events, such as halftime shows during local university sporting events or in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade. She also is exciting Green Starlettes gives her the chance to learn leadership, independence and how to be part of a team. Her favorite part, however, is being able to give back to girls by teaching them dance skills the same way she learned dance skills from the Starlettes that preceded her.

There is rarely a dull moment as a Green Starlette. If they are not preparing for an upcoming event, members often have unique opportunities to travel the country, meet professional athletes at local sporting events or appear in televised parades.

“The Green Starlettes is a cool program because I have gotten to perform places I would have never had the chance to, and I have made longtime friends that I would have never meet anywhere else,” Erica says. “Being able to go to Camp Agnes Arnold for dance camp in October to learn the dance we preform though out the season and going to Camp Casa Mare for Connection Camp where we learn different dance styles in preparation for spring show are things I wouldn’t have been able to do anywhere else.”

Thinking of joining the Green Starlettes? Erica says they would love to have you.

“I would encourage any girl who likes to dance, who wants to be part of a team and who wants to make new friends to join the Green Starlettes. One of the great things about the program is that there are no try outs necessary to join the team, you do not have to join with a troop and there are 12 divisions across the GSSJC area to choose from.”

Girls can learn a lot in Girl Scouts, but all girls, no matter whether they are a Girl Scout or not can find fun ways to stay fit, get involved and become a go-getter. For more GSSJC programs, visit To hear what volunteers have to say about the Green Starlette dance team, read "Why I Volunteer with Green Starlettes" in the May/June/July 2017 issue of The Golden Link.