Tuesday, March 21, 2017

See Our New Cabins at Camp Pryor Open House

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GSSJC is proud to announce the opening of our newest Columbus cabin unit at Camp Myra S. Pryor located in Nada, Texas! And just in time for our Camp Pryor Open House, Saturday, March 25.

This is an opportunity to bring your troop, group and friends to Camp Pryor to explore our newly developed lakeside and Columbus cabin unit. The beautiful 300 acre camp is located approximately 86 miles southwest of Houston between Wharton and El Campo and borders the Colorado River.

The newest Lake Site addition completes the second phase development project started in early 2016. The new unit includes a six-acre lake, boat pavilion, ceremonial bridge, four birdhouse cabins, a bathroom/shower facility, kitchen shelter and amphitheater.

The lake is a great place to enjoy canoeing and swimming. We built the lake in a natural wet area that already collects a large amount of water draining from other parts of the camp. During windy days and the hot summer months when we lose water due to evaporation, a 150’ deep water well will help keep the lake filled.

Deer, birds, turtles and other wildlife are already visiting the lake. We even have a few fish in the lake and have plans to stock it with minnows, catfish, crappie and bass. Water depth ranges from a zero beach entry near the cabin shore to an average depth of 4-5 feet. The deepest portion of the lake is 10-12 feet near the dam. Underwater bubblers to oxygenate the water for fish and plants and control algae growth.

The boat pavilion sits at the northwest corner of the lake facing the cabins, giving adult volunteers a clear view of activities at and near the boat pavilion and canoe entry into the lake. The boat pavilion has a dressing room, covered deck and storage for canoe paddles and personal floatation devices. We built a four stall bathroom and hand-washing station nearby for easy access and convenience. A 40-foot wooden bridge spans across the lake from the cabins to the new amphitheater. This structure will be a focal point for bridging ceremonies. The new amphitheater is situated to afford the best lake shore and sunset views with a large fire pit for a camp fire.

The covered porches of four birdhouse cabins allow for great views of the lake and a place for girls to gather. Each climate-controlled cabin comfortably sleeps 10 girls and two adult volunteers. A three-quarter wall between the girls and adult volunteers sleeping quarters maintains a semi-private area for both without compromising safety and security. Higher wood walls and vaulted ceilings give occupants the feeling they are actually inside a birdhouse. Each set of two birdhouse cabins shares a fire circle with bench seating near the shoreline. Almost all the wood used both inside and outside these cabins and on the ceremonial bridge was harvested from Camp Silver Springs in Conroe and salvaged as a result of tornado damage at Camp Robinwood in Willis. Using resources wisely is what we do as Girl Scouts!

The kitchen shelter sits between the cabins and lake, approximately 35 feet from the shoreline. Girls and adult volunteers will enjoy the best view of the entire lake and breeze off the water. Four freestanding charcoal grills are there to cook tasty meals with picnic tables to seat girls and volunteers.

The bathroom/shower facility is centrally located with two cabins on either side. This building features a covered outdoor handwashing station with bench seating, interior concrete counters with mirrors, four toilets and showers. Each shower has a private dressing area. We also installed a large ice machine near the handwashing station to keep ice chests full, especially on hot days.
Come see the beautiful views for yourself!

Nearby vehicle parking on a concrete surface accommodates individuals with disabilities. Concrete walkways connect each building for easy access between cabins, bathrooms/showers and over the bridge all the way to the boat pavilion.

The six-acre lake shoreline is shared by two nearby dorms – the Brazos and Lavaca units. These units have outdoor cooking and shower/restroom facilities. We freshened up the Brazos shower/restroom facility with interior paint. We demolished the older Lavaca shower/restrooms and replaced it with a new building. Each unit comfortably sleeps 16 girls and four adult volunteers for a total of 20 persons. Each dorm has a large centrally located fireplace to keep occupants warm during winter camping season. The view of the new lake from the Brazos and Lavaca units is spectacular and with the lake’s added amenities, we expect to see renewed interest in reserving these facilities.

During the open house you will be on your own to roam about the camp and explore our new facilities. Enjoy several activities throughout the day including, hikes, crafts, cabin tours, snow cones, lakeside fun and more! Visit www.gssjc.org for more information and how to register!