Friday, January 20, 2017

Last Chance to Vote for new Girls' Choice Badges

The new Girls’ Choice badges will be full of big learning, fun, and adventure. Girl Scouts is creating six new badges next year, and you get to pick the topic!

The Secret Life of Plants: Investigate plants of all shapes and sizes to discover how they keep us cool. freshen the air, add flavor to our meals--and so much more

Outdoor Cooking: Maybe you're an accomplished chef, or maybe you've never cooked a thing--either way, there's so much to learn (and taste test) when your kitchen is the great outdoors

Water Around Us: From ponds and steams to lakes, rivers, and oceans--there's lots to discover, so dive in!

Troop Camping: Whether you're interested in a backyard overnight or a 7-day survival challenge, get passionate about the outdoors by exploring the natural world around you with Girl Scout friends. 

Voting for the new badges will be live through January 22 . So vote now and let your choice be heard!