Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Driving to Colorado with Troop #17073

This past summer, members of Troop #17073 went on a road trip to Colorado and made a real adventure of it! With a plan, great company and their Girl Scout experience, the girls were able to conquer not just Colorado, but also New Mexico and Utah in just 11 days! Two of their members, Devon Lory and Alexa Hansen, decided to share their experience with the rest of the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council. Take a look!

"This past summer, our Girl Scout troop had the opportunity to travel to Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah on an eleven day adventure with nine of our best friends. 

The idea of a road trip to Colorado was presented by one of our Girl Scout Leaders and after much planning and fundraising, our troop made the decision to tour the beautiful west of the United States.  The sound of the white water rafting and hiking through the mountains of Colorado sounded attractive to a group of us whom are all quite audacious.

We began planning our trip by deciding what kinds of activities we wanted to do and how much money we were willing to spend.  Closer to the date of our departure, we were able to call places of interest and make reservations. 

One challenge we faced was the specific travel alterations per girl.  We were able to plan ahead and accordingly to assure that everyone was able to attend the trip.  During the trip, we stuck to our plan, except for the day we decided to relax at the wonderful cabin we were staying at. 

We paid for the trip with both personal and troop funds which were earned from fall product and cookie sales as well as the Mother Daughter Skating Event which we host.  By planning ahead, we were able to accomplish the goals we had previously set.

Our favorite part of the trip was bonding with each other through screaming on the raft, laughing about how cold the creek was, or singing by the campfire every night. We have experienced moments and made memories that will last a lifetime. We would 100% recommend planning a trip to a younger Girl Scout troop. Through planning, we have all learned valuable business and money management skills. The best part is that you get to participate in a trip of a lifetime and share experiences with the people you love most."

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