Friday, August 5, 2016

Troop Program Ideas

Need a few quick activities for your next troop meeting? The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council's Troop Program Ideas, published in the months between the Golden Link, gives Daisy, Brownie and Junior troop leaders fun ideas for games, songs, crafts, snacks and ceremonies to use throughout the year!

Tin can wind socks

What you’ll need: One tin can Paint Ribbons Glue or tape String or cord.

Directions: The first thing to do is make sure there is nothing in the cans. Wash them thoroughly and remove the labels. With your can prepped, paint it blue, allow to dry, and then paint white stars all over your can. Once the paint is dried, take your red and white streamers and fasten them with tape or glue to the rim of the can. On the bottom of the can, take a nail and hammer two holes for you to tie your string to. Loop the string through the holes to provide a handle to hang the windsock from. 

Find the latest edition of Troop Program Ideas by going to and clicking "Our Council" and "Publications".