Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Troop Program Ideas

Need a few quick activities for your next troop meeting? The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council's Troop Program Ideas, published in the months between the Golden Link, gives Daisy, Brownie and Junior troop leaders fun ideas for games, songs, crafts, snacks and ceremonies to use throughout the year!

Game: My Pet Centipede 

We all know camp life is the best life, and it’s almost that time of year again. Help your troop have a great time this year, laugh a little, and maybe roll over and fall down with this version of Simon Says.

What to do: 
Have three or four Girl Scouts place a blanket over their heads while standing in a single file line (like a centipede). One girl should announce proudly that this is her pet centipede—and she can make it do tricks! The girls performing as the centipede should do as told when they hear, “Centipede!” Followed by a command, such as, “(Girl’s name) says, walk backwards!” But the girls under the blanket must listen carefully to the voice of who gives the command. If they obey the command of any other girl, they’ll have to sit down, and give someone else a turn.

Find the latest edition of Troop Program Ideas by going to and clicking "Our Council" and "Publications".