Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2016 Resident Camp Bucket List

Why choose a Girl Scout camp? Because there's so much to do! Few things are as memorable for a girl as their first time to camp, and at the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council we work hard all year long to make sure each girl gets the same fantastic experience from one year to another. They can play sports, star in a Girl Scout skit, have a sleepover and so much more! Get excited, and get a pencil and piece of paper to add these activities to your 2016 resident camp bucket-list.

1. Learn to ride a horse at Camp Misty Meadows.

2. Have a sleepover with a new friend. 

3. Ride the trails at Camp Agnes Arnold. 

4. Shoot a bullseye. 

5. Play a role in a camp skit. 

6. Go for a swim.

7. Explore Camp Agnes Arnold's lake in a canoe. 

8. Make a new camp friend.

9. Sail the high seas at Camp Casa Mare.

10. Write a "Thank you" letter to your parents and camp staff.