Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Clear Creek Community teams with Ranger Randy to clean Camp Wind-A-Mere.

Written by: Valarie Gauntt - CLT - Clear Creek Community

Many people may not know, but Camp WAM was without a ranger for a while last year. The camp got a little overgrown and the worked piled up for the new Ranger. When Clear Creek Community found out about the need for some help, we organized an all Community cleanup day. A couple of our TEAM members and their husbands met with Ranger Randy to walk the whole property and see where resources could best be used. After some planning, and more talking with the ranger the date was set and the girls started to get excited.

On April 9, 2016 at 8 am, a group of about 30 adults and kids from Clear Creek Community arrived at camp. There was a plan in place, and the girls were determined to get everything done that they knew the ranger could use some help on.

There were sticks to be picked up, painting to be done, platform tents to be cleaned, plenty to keep the volunteers busy for about 8 hours. Some of the bigger tasks that got done, thanks to the help of the adults, both Leaders and Dads, were new bathroom doors and framing on the bathrooms near the Lodge, pressure washing on all bathrooms, as well as the kitchen pavilion in the Pine Meadow camp area and the Tee Pees. Dads also helped with placing fire rings that had been displaced due to rain.
A group of girls and leaders repainted and touched up most of the signs throughout camp and also replaced all the ropes at the Archery range.

The girls felt so accomplished at the end of the day, and have decided that this will be a yearly Community Event for us. Next year, they hope to double the amount of volunteers for the day.
The volunteers and girls of Clear Creek Community feel so blessed to have a camp so close to us, and a Ranger that welcomes the girls to come out and help and gives them the opportunity to feel like they truly are part of the camp.