Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Ways to Get Ready for Resident Camp

The Girl Scout resident camp season is finally here! We can't wait for you to join us at camp for all the fun and exciting sessions we're offering in 2016. The last few months have been spent preparing for your favorite sessions, sprucing up our camp facilities and thinking of other ways we may help you prepare. Well, just in case you're experiencing that dreaded last-minute uncertainty, maybe wondering what you've forgotten, we've prepared this list of five last minute ways for you to prepare for resident camp!
  1. Review "What Counselors Wish Parents Knew!" Here we offer personal advice from our counselors for first-time campers to our yearly attendees. 
  2. Take our resident camp quiz! By now you're ready for camp, but the "Are you ready for resident camp?" quiz  (pg. 3, 2016 GSSJC Summer Camp Catalog) for girls and adults can help you identify some additional needs to prep. For example, girls, are you brave when you see an insect at night? Do you know how to wash and brush your own hair? And parents, do you think she's prepared? Can you stand to spend a week without her? These are just some of the questions the quiz will ask to help you identify areas that need more preparation. 
  3. Check, and double check the suggested packing list. Along with a hundred other helpful facts, the Camper and Parent Guide 2016 includes a suggested packing list for each camp. In addition, this guide also lists required items for certain camp activities, what you'll need to turn in at check-in, and tips for making it all happen. 
  4. Get to know your camp staff. Before you even arrive at camp you can get to know each camp's director by reviewing their profile in the 2016 GSSJC Summer Camp Catalog (pg. 3). Though you'll likely spend most of your time with our other friendly staff members, these three women do a lot to make it all possible and it's worth getting to know them. 
  5. Learn a new camp song! One of the best ways to get excited about summer camp is by learning, and singing camp songs you haven't learned before. Whether it's "Make New Friends" or the "Brownie Smile Song" each one has a fun message to share with others. 

For more information on the 2016 resident camp season, visit for additional camp resources.