Friday, April 1, 2016

What Camp Counselors Wish Parents Knew

The Girl Scout resident camp season is just two months away! We can't wait for you to join us for all the fun and exciting sessions we're offering in 2016.  Many families and troops have already registered their girls and are now planning their packing lists, but to ensure a smooth camp experience you need to know more than just what to bring. Here are the top eleven things Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council camp counselors wish parents knew: 

1. If you pack with your camper, make sure she knows what she has and where its is. Also, please understand that your daughter will be re-packing herself. 

2. Please let your unit counselors know if your child regularly wets the bed. This way, they can be prepared to discreetly change the sheets and wash bedding/nightclothes in the morning while the girls are at breakfast. 

3. Please send pre-addressed and stamped envelopes with your daughter to write home. 

4. Bring towels for swimming and showering. 

5. Sisters do not necessarily make the best buddies. 

6. Please don't tell your daughter she can call home if she gets homesick. 

7. Buddies don't have to choose all the same activities, but they will bunk next to each other. 

8. Girls will be expected to help clean up after themselves. Let them practice at home with simple 

9. Flip-flops make good "shower shoes."

10. Practice letting your daughter shower herself and wash/brush her own hair before coming to camp. 

11. Be sure to pack a few extra changes of clothes in case hers get wet or muddy and she needs to change in the middle of the day.

Few things are as memorable for a girl as going away for the summer. While she may not remember exactly how this rite of passage made her more responsible and independent, she'll know it did and will be proud of the advances she's made. For more information about resident camp, or how to register your daughter, visit us at