Friday, April 8, 2016

Cookies2Soldiers Ships its 8,000th Package!

This year over 100 girls from  Klein ISD and Tomball ISD have helped ship 2,503 packages of cookies to men and women serving our country. 

With the help of Operation Military Embrace, the Girl Scouts from Tomball Troop 13514 exceeded their project goal by 500 packages, sending over 8,000 boxes to soldiers over six years. 

Since Troop 13514 created Cookies2Soldiers  in 2011, they have received many letters of thanks from the men and women receiving the Girl Scout Cookies.  These letters remind the Girl Scouts why this program is so important--check it out! 

It is all 62 of our members opinion that Girl Scout Cookies are the absolute best!  We recently received a few boxes with an assortment of cookies for us all to share and enjoy.  Without reservation every member gave the highest remarks about the Cookies2Soldiers program.  We are thankful for this generous program.  – Bagram, Afghanistan 2013

I don’t know if anyone has thanked your troop for the time you spend to raise money to get the cookies and ship them here.  However, it is not wasted effort, just to let you know.  It gives us a smile and satisfies that sweet tooth.  […] Yes, we share your cookies and candies we receive with the local kids here. – Afghanistan 2014

Thank you for support of a great […] Coalition Team from over 25 countries.  For many this was their 1st G.S. Cookie experience. – Kabul, Afghanistan 2015

Cookies2Soldiers program was established in 2011 by Tomball Girl Scout Troop 13514 shipping 424 boxes to 40 men and women that year.  Since then, the program has taken off with the help of Operation Military Embrace and the local Girl Scout Community.  Since Cookies2Soldiers inception, it has shipped 8,299 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to those serving our country all around the world.