Friday, April 22, 2016

A Celebration of Leadership

Happy Leader's Day!

True to the season, April 16, the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council recognized and celebrated many of the volunteers who have made our programs possible over the years. The 2016 Adult Recognition event began with a delicious breakfast, and reciting of the Girl Scout Promise and Law followed by our main event. It was a great day filled with the joy of achievement and excitement for our brothers and sisters in Girl Scouts. Congratulations to our volunteers!

Lifetime Achievement Award

Nancy Flatt

Thanks Badge II

Mary Rose Smith
Patti Glass

Thanks Badge

Mary Ryder

Continuing Service Award

Dolores Richards
Larry Loop

Honor Pin

Beth Walz
Bette Lehmberg
Henry Steitz
Kimberly Vopat
Margaret Lincoln
Marilyn Jones
Van Martin

Appreciation Pin

Alva Allen
April Hill
Barbara Day
Cheryl Brown
Chrystal LeMaine
Gena Drawhorn
Imelda Johnson
John Ross
Josephine McGill
Judy Cheng
Kristen Gall
Paul Prodoehl
Susana Reyes
Tracy Rijken

Years of Service Pin 

Rebecca Perry (25)
Donna Marshall (35)
Emily Saldana (30)
Jayne Roberts (40)
Jean Barnhill (50)
Lavinia Brown (25)
Marceline Lamb (30)
Marilyn Jones (35)
Mary Rose Smith (30)
Marvis Feldman (40)
Sherol Moore Adkins (25)
Steve Freeman (35)
Vicki Freeman (40)

Years of Membership

Beverly Sparks (40)
Jayne Roberts (45)
Jean Barnhill (50)
Julie Lock (30)
Lavinia Brown (35)
Linda Simmons (30)
Lisa Jarmon (25)
Marvis Feldman (50)
Michele Kinser (40)
Regina Zaragoza (35)
Sarah Brown (25)
Sherol Moore Adkins (25)
Vicki Freeman (50)

Volunteer Excellence

The Family Award

The Brown Family

Board Award

Steve Richter