Friday, December 18, 2015

Give the gift of camp

So she's asked for a pony...again. And though you keep telling her she can’t keep it in her bedroom, every year that polished white pony always finds its way to the top of her gift list for Santa.

But this year what you really want to give her is the opportunity of a lifetime. One where she can make friends, go on adventures and maybe you can join in too.

Give the Girl Scout in your life the gift of camp! She'll enjoy a full week at one of our amazing summer camps, she is going to have a great time making new friends, learning new skills and going on adventures you can join!

Go horseback riding at Camp Misty Meadows. Sail on Galveston Bay at Camp Casa Mare. Paddle around Shadow Lake and peddle around the trails at Camp Agnes Arnold.

Learn how to give the gift of camp.