Monday, December 21, 2015

Girl Scout program provides Christmas necessities to students in Klein ISD

Northwest Houston Girl Scouts are sharing Christmas spirit with students in Klein Independent School District (Klein ISD) with their 3T program, providing them with much needed items, including a top, toy and toiletries.

The 3T program started four years ago when Girl Scout volunteer Susan Huff and her Girl Scout troops were trying to figure out how they could give back locally. A few of the girls said that they had friends who were in need, so to provide items anonymously they created 3T.

The first year the girls and volunteers donated 58 bags to two Klein ISD schools. The bags, filled with a top, toy and toiletries, were packed by age and gender, each one costing approximately $20.

“There were numerous stories about Girl Scouts and their families shopping for items for these bags, and the girls being excited that they were helping a friend at one of the Klein schools,” said Huff. “The next year, I had big dreams and knew that we could as least double the 58 bags from the first year and include more schools.”

Huff contacted counselors from 25 Klein ISD schools who were receptive thanks to the counselors who worked at the two schools that received donations the previous year. With the support of family, friends and community and corporate sponsors, the program provided 313 bags to 20 Klein ISD schools.

“We had a last minute request for 20 students at another school and without even thinking about it, my husband took his Christmas bonus and headed to Wal-Mart and made sure those 20 students got a new top, toiletries and a toy,” said Huff. “We are grandparents of four wonderful grandkids and would not want any child to not get a present at Christmas.”

This year, Girl Scouts will donate bags to 21 Klein ISD schools and are awaiting final numbers from the schools to help fulfill the needs of students. 247 bags have already been sponsored by local area businesses.