Tuesday, October 20, 2015

National Day on Writing: A Short Story by Girl Scout Ainsley R.

Everybody writes. Are you a creative writer? A novel writer? Or do you just write sometimes when you have to? October 20 is The National Day on Writing, and to celebrate, the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council’s own Ainsley R. has shared with us a short story she has written:
The Big Win 
The first time I played volleyball was amazing. Even though there were kids everywhere screaming, it was still awesome. Let me tell you about it. First, we just passed the volleyball back and forth, and our coach, George, told us to keep our eye on the ball. After, he told me that I seemed to do way better, and then we went over to the net and he split us into two teams. We did one team on one side and the other team on the other side of the net. Next, he did a demonstration on what to do. When we all figured it out, he told us all to find a partner. Luckily, my friend, Kyndall, and I both wanted to do volleyball. So, she and I were partners. I noticed that there was an uneven number of kids, and one girl didn't have a partner. I thought back to what I learned in Girl Scouts, and said to myself, “never leave out anyone and be friendly to everyone." So, I told Kyndall that I was going to see if the other girl wanted to play with us, and yes, she did! So, the three of us practiced together. Then, we did a practice game and our side won! The next Saturday, we had a real game. It was our team, the Angels, against the Barracudas, and guess what? We won! “I guess all of that practice paid off, and I even made some new friends thanks to Girl Scouts!” I said while hugging my teammates. That  was my first experience with volleyball.
Ainsley R.
Ainsley R. is a second year Girl Scout and an Officer in Texas 4H Club, where she raises and shows pigs and rabbits. Next year she is going to be in the fifth grade and loves to swim, bike, run, play soccer, volleyball, ride horses, and of course write. Her favorite stories to write are fiction, and her favorite author is Brandon Mull, author of the Spirit Animal series. When Ainsley gets older, she says she hopes her love of animals leads her to become a veterinarian.