Thursday, September 17, 2015

Celebrate Constitution Day September 17

Constitution Day: A History 
On September 17, 1787 the last signature was added to the United States Constitution. That day delegates met for the last time, and today we remember our constitutions historic significance by meeting together and celebrating their courageous efforts that brought America to independence.

The law that created this day of observance was established in 2004 by Senator Robert Byrd. Before the law was enacted, it was known as “Citizenship Day”, and therefore is also a day where those who have become U.S. citizens are celebrated.

This day not only gives girls a chance to learn about American History, but to celebrate the constitution, and each other for their contribution to their communities, and country

Activity Ideas for Constitution Day
Ready to celebrate Constitution Day with your girls? Here’s a few activities to make the most of your day:
1. Learn the stories of the founding fathers, and memorize an inspiring quote they said. Think about how they are like you—How did they help their communities and country and think about how you can make an impact.
2. Reenact the signing of the constitution by reading a copy allowed together and signing your names to the bottom, just like the founding fathers did over 100 years ago!
3. Take the Constitution Day Quiz and test your knowledge of our founding document! Go to this link for Part 1 of the quiz.

Badges to Earn 
Here are a few badges Girl Scouts of every level can earn that have a tie in to learning more about our country and its government system. All badge requirements can be found in The Girls Guide to Girl Scouting.