Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happiness is Happening!

It's never too late or too early in life to discover true personal happiness, and all throughout the month of August the Secret Society of Happy People wants to challenge you to do something every day that makes you happy.

So far this month they've challenged their followers to sing loud, walk barefoot on grass/sand, pay it forward and even make a toast with sparkling lemonade. Today, they want to challenge you to find time to cool off in the pool, relax in a bath, or soak in a hot tub. Now, maybe a bath or the hot tub doesn't sound appealing in this Texas heat, and maybe you don't have time for a swim, but this month is all about enjoying the little things, getting out of your comfort zone and remembering to be happy!

Let us know what you do by tagging us (@GSSJC) in your online post, and use the #HHM2015 to join the movement.

The Secret Society of Happy People started celebrating happiness with Admit You’re Happy Day on August 8, 1999. But members wanted to let the happy feeling linger a little longer, so in 2000 they expanded the celebration to the entire month of August, and eventually the renamed it Happiness Happens Day and Month.

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