Monday, July 13, 2015

Girl Scouts Observe Ramadan by Celebrating and Educating

This month, Girl Scouts in Troop #08651 joined together to observe and celebrate Ramadan. But this year, not only have they sought to celebrate but also educate others in their community.

Here girls answer questions about what Ramadan means to them:

How do you observe Ramadan?

"--There is still a lot of celebration and joy. The house is decorated with colors and lights, family and friends come over to break their fast with a beautifully prepared feast every night and a nice filling breakfast every morning before sunrise to prepare everyone for the day's fast. An uplifting, beautiful vibe fills the homes and hearts of those participating in Ramadan, and that is part of what makes it such a beautiful month.” (Nada N.) 

Does Ramadan have special meaning meaning to you?

“ It’s a holy month in our religion. We are supposed to not eat during the day.  We usually join in congregation to eat with family and friends. In this month we strive to become better individuals focusing on our weaknesses to make our character stronger through acts of worship and reflection.” (Fatima I.)

“To me, this month especially means close family togetherness and patience." (Ayah A.)

Ramadan has a feeling like no other. It's the most special month of the year and is indescribable. It's something I feel in my heart and I feel closer to my God, Islam, and my community than any other time.” (Iman P.)

What do you pray for during Ramadan?

“I pray for my family, friends, and people around the world for peace and unity. I pray that this
will be a Ramadan I never forget, and it benefits my family and me in a positive and everlasting
way." (Nadia S.)                       

We pray for ourselves , our family and friends, Muslims that are suffering around the world. Ramadan is a time where you can pray for whatever you want and since it is a holy month you can get more rewards and get a better chance for your prayers to be answered.”  (Iman P.)

“I pray for my family`s health, happiness and safety, and that all our sins be removed.” (Ayah A.)

What do you want people to know about Ramadan?

“I want them to know that Ramadan is a celebration of many different things, and that each of us have a personal way of participating in this month, aside from the obligatory fasting.” (Ayah A.)

“It’s not as difficult or strenuous as it might seem! After the first few days, people usually get accustomed to the fasting , and knowing that most Muslims around the world are fasting
alongside you is a truly unifying experience. Ramadan’s not a burden but a privilege."  (Nadia N.)

What is your favorite part about Ramadan?

"Eating and seeing my friends and waking up early, because then I do not sleep in late. The celebrations after. Spending time with family. Getting healthier.” (Fatima I.)

“ The long nights with family and friends, reading Quran (our holy book), praying, listening to the beautiful recitation of the Imam (person who leads the prayer) echo through the mosque…Ramadan nights are my favorite part.”
(Nadia N.)

“My favorite part of Ramadan is the qiyyams." (Subhiya A.L.)

How do you help your family prepare for Ramadan?

"We listen to inspirational talks about spiritually and physically getting ready for Ramadan, and I help my family with all the afore mentioned activities."   (Nadia N.)

“ We have a celebration called Eid right after. So I help prepare gifts.  When we have guests over I help my mom make food and serve it."  (Fatima I.)

“We cook and buy food in preparation for the meals of Iftar and Suhur.” (Ayah A.)