Sunday, June 21, 2015

Unwind With Dad Time
You may have heard the myth that Girl Scouts are only about cookies, but how about the myth that Girl Scouts is just for mothers and daughters? It's true that you don't see a lot of male troop leaders, but that isn't because dads don’t understand their daughters. In fact, those naysayers couldn't be more wrong!

According to a number of studies done on the positive impact fathers have in the lives of their daughters, girls who's fathers are continuously involved in their lives tend to have a healthier self-image, are more willing to jump out of their comfort zone, and are all around more comfortable in their own skin! We can thank our father's carefree goofy attitude for that. In Raising Confident Girls: What About Dads? Rachel Simmons notes that when dad is just being dad--boys will be boys-- subconsciously their daughters are taking their cue that it is ok to be themselves, and won’t accept any negativity boys their age may give them.

This Father's Day let’s thank our dads for being such great role models. Have some one-on-one father-daughter bonding time, and do all those things dads and daughters love to do. Fuel-up with a big breakfast, go camping, play video games—whatever you do, do it together, and have a Happy Father's Day!