Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Mother My Troop Leader

Mother's Day only comes once a year, but the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council believes these women should be celebrated everyday. Not only do many of our girl scout's mothers volunteer and support our local Council, but many of them are our troop leaders. We asked three girl scouts what they think of their mothers being their troop leader, and here is what they had to say:

Ramsey Ruffeno with mother,Tracy Ruffeno.
Troop 25253

GSSJC: What does your mother do as a troop leader?
RR: She helps make the events and asks for nothing in return.

GSSJC: What do you like about your mom being your troop leader?
RR: She makes it really fun for us. She sets up events and makes them run smooth. She wants us to be one with the community so we do community service and go to museums on field trips. We went to Hobby Airport and that was fun because one of my family members was on a flight crew there.

GSSJC: What is something your mom has taught you and your troop?
RR: She teaches us to be ourselves. We made posters about ourselves and wrote down things we enjoyed and like about ourselves.

GSSJC: What did you put?
RR: I like being a big sister and dancing and cheering. I also love doing community service with my mom and friends.

Photo taken at Camp Casa Mare

Maelynn Roberts with mother, Sarah Roberts.
Troop 19290

GSSJC: What does a troop leader do?
MR: She plans the meeting and makes suere we have everything for the meetings and she makes sure she knows who is coming and makes sure everyone is safe and keeps everyone safe.

GSSJC: What do you like about your mother being your troop leader?
MR: She is fun and creative. Whenever we want to do something creative she always has cool ideas--and she is nice and caring.

GSSJC: What sort of crafts do you do together?
MR: We make a lot of gifts we can give to our family and everyone in our troop and community.

GSSJC: What have you learned from her?
MR: Crafts! I like to do everything. We recently made toys for animals to earn our Bronze Award. We made Tug-o-War ropes and Cat-Nip toys.

GSSJC: How has your mom shown you she cares?
MR:'s not like we get hurt all the time, but when we do she stitches us up and makes us feel better.

Mackenzie Parker with mom, Laura Parker
Troop 19222

GSSJC: What is something you like about your mom being your troop leader?
MP: My mom is really creative, she always has a pep in her step, and whenever we're down she makes us smile and always has a craft up her sleeve.

GSSJC: What is something your mom has taught you?
MP: She teaches me to care about the community. We went Christmas caroling and just had a lot of fun. She shows us how to be caring and encourages us to be kind when we aren't.

GSSJC: What kind of troop leader is your mom?
MP: She is nice and always selfless. She cares about what her girl scouts think and what the parents want.

GSSJC: What's a good memory you have of your mom as your troop leader?
MP: One of my favorite memories of my mom was when she sprained her ankle at Summer Resident camp, but she was still going and volunteered in the kitchen like she normally does. She is always helping us.