Wednesday, March 11, 2015

5 Ways to Celebrate Girl Scouts' 103 Birthday

This Thursday, March 12 Girl Scouts celebrate 103 years of creating girls of courage, confidence and character. There are so many exciting ways to mark this special occasion, but if you're looking for inspiration, here are five ideas the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council (GSSJC) thought up to celebrate the day:

  1. Bake a Cookie Cake
    Cake, cupcake, cake-ball—anything tasty! By now we've all bought our fair share of Girl Scout Cookies, and if you’re looking for creative ways to enjoy them, you can incorporate them into a recipe. You can’t celebrate a birthday without birthday cake!
  2. Receive the Gift of Giving
    There is no gift more gratifying than the warm feeling you get from giving to others. What better way to celebrate Girl Scouts' 103 Birthday than to remember, in-part, why we were brought together. Find a service project you can do with your troop. Anything from making a cookie care-package for soldiers, feeding the homeless, or caring for the animals at your local shelter.
  3. Exchange Gifts
    A part of giving is remembering to give-back to our friends and leaders. Get creative, and show someone how thankful you are just to be their friend. Decorate a picture frame, pot a plant, or go to the GSSJC Pinterest page for more crafty gift ideas to exchange with your troop. Show someone they are worth the time, love, and creativity that went into making something.
  4. Dedicate a Wish
    Before you blow out the candles and call it a day, dedicate a wish or make a resolution about something you want to accomplish this next year. Maybe you want to resolve to be kinder, make a new friend, or maybe even change the world! Write down your ideas and share them. Make sure to save them, then pull them out on Girl Scouts' 104 Birthday and recognize the progress you've made. (Tip: decorate a jar or a box to put your ideas in, or frame it on your wall!)
  5. Spread the Word
    Celebrate 103 years of helping girls by introducing Girl Scouts to a friend. With your troop make friendship bracelets for someone you know who isn't a Girl Scout. When you give it to them, invite them to your next troop meeting and share what Girl Scouts are all about. As our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, said, “I've got something for the girls of Savannah, and all America, and the world!”
Share with us how you celebrated Girl Scouts' 103 Birthday on the GSSJC Facebook and you could get featured on our page!