Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get a sneak peek of the October Troop Program Ideas

Looking for ideas for your next troop meeting or for your upcoming weekend at camp? Look no further than the October 2014 edition of Troop Program Ideas.

This issue is loaded with tons of great ideas for autumn, from a fun snack idea to silly songs for camp. Here is a sneak peek at 5 of our 10 ideas for making your hike at camp more exciting:

Go on a counting walk
Count the number of trees you see or the number of birds you hear. Adopt this to count something unique to the camp you’re visiting.

See everything close up
Take binoculars and look at camp up close as you hike the trails!

Make it a scavenger hunt
Look for something big, something tiny, something rough or something

Play “I Spy” 
Describe something you see with a few identifying clues, like color or texture, and have the girls guess what it is. Whoever guesses first gets to come up with the next clue.

Go on a color hunt
Keep a running list of everything you see of a certain color.

See the rest of the hike ideas and more in the October 2014 Troop Program Ideas.