Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I can't wait to...join GSSJC for another exciting year of Girl Scouts!

Remember when you were a kid and every day was filled with excitement? You just couldn't wait for the next adventure to begin. It’s a great feeling when every day is full of endless possibilities.

At Girl Scouts, we've never forgotten what that feels like. We know there are so many things girls can’t wait to do, and we love helping them find the fun, explore their interests and help make the world a better place.

Another exciting year at Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council is just around the corner, and now is the time to join us!

Here’s the top five moments we can’t wait to share with your daughter this year:
  1. Earning the first badge of the year
    It’s exciting to hold that badge in your hands, help put it on your vest and proudly show off the new set of skills you've learned to earn it!
  2. Helping others through service projects
    All it takes is one girl with one idea to make our world a better place, and our Girl Scouts make southeast Texas a better place each and every day with their inspiring service projects.
  3. Shoot a bull’s eye on the archery range
    Whether your daughter wants to explore outdoor activities, like archery, sailing or horseback riding, or attend a workshop on STEM careers or theater, GSSJC has her covered! We offer a wide variety of program activities to girls throughout the year – and many cost less through Girl Scouts than other organizations!
  4. Delivering the first box of cookies
    It’s so rewarding to see a customer excited to receive their favorite box of Girl Scout Cookies – and while your daughter is setting goals and helping her troop or group earn funds for future activities, she’s also learning valuable skills, like money management and decision making, which will stick with her for a lifetime.
  5. Picking a 2015 resident camp session
    It might be a year away, but we’re already counting down the weeks to next summer when girls join us for another year of resident camp where they’ll enjoy the outdoors, learn new skills and make new friends. 
Want to learn more about how girls (and volunteers!) benefit from their Girl Scouting experiences? Read more on the GSUSA blog.

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