Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Troop #28005 plans getaway to Destin, FL

For the last three years, Troop #28005 has anxiously awaited the end of 8th grade. Not because they were counting down the days to the start of high school or becoming a Girl Scout Senior. No, they were excited because the end of middle school finally meant they would take their carefully-planned troop trip!

Planning begins
At the beginning of 6th grade, these Girl Scouts decided they wanted to do something fun with the money they earned in the Cookie Program, and they would do so at the end of their 8th grade year. During that three year period, the Cadettes worked hard to boost their cookie sales. They also hosted a Juliette Gordon Low Day event for Daisy Girl Scouts.

"The girls budgeted the whole trip with the money they earned through cookie sales and their event," says Shelia G., one of the troop's leaders. "The funds they earned provided us with enough money for a week stay in Florida with several great activities."

Destin, here we come
The girls decided to go to Destin collectively. One of the main attractions? Earning Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida's "Girl Scouts Love Sea Turtles" patch. While in Destin, Troop #28005 also enjoyed visiting the white, sandy beaches and went snorkeling and dolphin watching. The girls even got the chance to ride a zip line over Coldwater Creek and visited Gulfarium and the Gulf Breeze Zoo.

And all the logistics? The Cadettes planned those too! From how they got to and from Destin to finding hotels and where to eat their meals, the Girl Scouts planned and budgeted for each travel expense while still making sure they could enjoy all Destin had to offer.

"Having them plan and budget helped them to realize how much everything costs and by having to earn the money themselves and wait for three years it made them appreciate it even more," says Shelia.

Best (Girl Scout) Friends Forever
Through that week long trip, Shelia says the girls - a few members who have been Girl Scouts together since first grade - bonded and became better friends.

"It was really great traveling together, the girls really bonded and became closer," says Shelia. "Since they will be attending the same high school, they decided they are going to make sure they support each other with their other activities by attending football games to support the band/guard members, attend sports games for our athletic girls and any other competitions and performances they have."

Up next on Troop #28005's travel itinerary? They're not sure just yet, but there's four years until the end of high school to plan for their next big adventure!

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