Thursday, June 26, 2014

GSSJC Astronomy interest group travels to Colorado

When you're a Girl Scout, summers mean it's time to camp! Who doesn't want to spend their days on a lake canoeing, on Galveston Bay sailing or riding horses? But for Girl Scouts in San Jacinto Council, summer is also the perfect time for traveling.

The Council's Astronomy group recently traveled to Colorado to visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the University of Denver and more. The girls had a great time learning more about astronomy, STEM careers and exploring the Rocky Mountains during a hike. Here are a few of their favorite things from the trip:

“I enjoyed hiking on one of the mountains in Colorado Chautauqua national Historical Landmark." – Aileen

“We went to NOAA, and our tour guide showed us an SOS (Science on Spheres) which depicted various weather patterns.” – Shelby

“I enjoyed hiking and the fresh air.” –Kristin

“I enjoyed touring the University of Denver and seeing what programs the campus has to offer.” – Veronica

"I enjoyed discussing about the subject of global warming with our tour guide at NOAA. I also liked going to the Hard Rock Cafe and having a private tour of famous rock legends, as well as the store.” - Alex

“I enjoyed meeting the university professors and hearing what they do in their careers. I especially liked the ecologist.” – Laura

“I enjoyed touring the (University of Denver) campus, hearing about all the programs it has to offer and meeting the professors and all the diverse research projects are involved in their specific fields.” – Joyanna

Is your troop or group going on a trip this summer? Share your photos with us for the blog! Email submissions to for consideration.