Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Photoblog: #cookiebosses

The cookies are here! On Saturday, February 8 we watched as hundreds of people (nearly 900!) picked up their cookies at Sam Houston Race Park at the first Mega Drop of 2014. The following week, we had several mini drops across the Council and another Mega Drop at Gulf Greyhound this past Saturday.

During that time, approximately 3.8 million (yes, you read that right - MILLION!) packages of Girl Scout Cookies were distributed to troops in southeast Texas to deliver to their customers. And a number of our troops have been kind enough to share photos as they've been out making deliveries. Here's a few of our favorites from our GSSJC #cookiebosses:

Gabrielle, who is only in her second year of Girl Scouting, sold more than 1,000 boxes in her initial order. Wow! This is her photo from last year's sale that she's trying to beat - 1,227 boxes sold.

Valerie and Sophie from Troop #12052 put together these adorable bags for their customers as a "thank you" for purchasing Girl Scout Cookies. Such a cute idea - we've seen lots of clever ideas from other Councils too!

Clare of Troop #10879 hand colored tags and attached them to reused shopping bags for her larger orders. She also decorated her wagon during one of our recent "snow days". What a great way to use your resources wisely!

Wagons are a great way to transport Girl Scout Cookies! Emme of Troop #146011 used her mom's old wagon...and even invited a little helper along for the ride.

And finally, here's Troop #14377 who attended Cookie College at Camp Agnes Arnold in early January. No better way to brush up on your #cookieboss skills than attending Cookie College!

Share your #cookieboss photos with us! We'd love to see how your Girl Scout or troop is getting their cookies to their customers. And with booths just around the corner, there will be plenty of great photo ops to send our way too! Head over to our Facebook page to share yours or email them to with "#cookieboss" in the subject.