Friday, January 17, 2014

January 2014 Scrapbook

It's January, and you know what that means in Girl Scouts: COOKIES! Judging by all the fantastic photos we've been getting on social media and via email, our Girl Scouts are out there being #cookiebosses to the max this year! Here's a few of the photos you've shared with us in our January 2014 Scrapbook:

From a group of 1000+ Club members getting up bright and early to hang out with Ruben Galvan from KPRC Channel 2 to girls rocking the COCOMobile app and supporting each other in the Cookie Program, it's been busy - and we're only a week in!

Looking for cookies?
Girl Scouts are taking orders now! We hope you'll get a chance to order cookies through the COCOMobile app - it's pretty cool to have your entire cookie business right in the palm of your hand. Then around Feb. 21, look for cookie booths to start popping up so you can grab one more box...or restock because you've already shared all your Thin Mints. (We know how that goes...)

Get the Cookie Finder app!
One of the easiest ways to find Girl Scout cookies near you is to download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, available for iPhone and Android phones. The app will pick up you location and automatically locate the booths nearest you - or give you our information if there's not a booth in your area.

Call the Cookie Hotline!
You can also call our Cookie Hotline to place your order at 1-888-GS-COOKIES. A troop near you will take the order and arrange delivery. If you're interested in trying the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookie, a pilot program for GSSJC so availability is limited this year, the very best way to find them is by calling the Cookie Hotline so we can help locate a troop near you who has signed up to participate in the pilot program. Note: these cookies are not on the order form and will only be available after Feb. 21 at booths.

In the mean time, keep those cookie photos coming! Post them to Facebook, send them to and we'll use them in The Golden Link. We love seeing our Girl Scouts out and about letting customers know what their goal is, how they'll use their proceeds and learning those five valuable skills the Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches: goal setting, decision making, money management, business ethics and people skills.

Happy Cookie Season!

P.S. If you're the parent of a #cookieboss, check out ABC Bakers' Flickr gallery where you can find some social media icons for yourself, cool photos and awesome clip art you could use to decorate your cookie booth!