Friday, December 6, 2013

Check out the Dec. 2013 Troop Program Ideas!

Each month between issues of The Golden Link, GSSJC offers younger troops some fun program ideas for their troop meetings, camping weekends and more! Visit for a new Troop Program Ideas six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December.

The December 2013 Troop Program Ideas is now available. Click here to access it or read below for a sneak peek at some fun "no supplies needed" games!

Games: No Supplies Needed
Sometimes you need a quick game with no supplies to keep girls together in one place while you’re waiting or for an unplanned rainy day at camp.

Animal Sounds

Best played outside or in a large, open area. The object of the game is for all herds to find each other. You can make cards with animal names and their noises on them if you want to or if it makes the game easier. You whisper an animal to each girl. You want a “herd” of at least three girls at the end, so assign accordingly. All participants must close their eyes and make their sound. They move about trying to find the rest of their herd.

Mouse Trap
Four girls become the mouse trap. They stand in a circle, facing in, holding hands with their arms extended and up high. The other girls are mice, and they run in and out of the trap. One person facing away calls “spring the trap”, and the girls of the trap bring down their arms, catching (hopefully) some of the mice inside. The caught mice become part of the trap.
The game continues until only a few “mice” haven’t been caught. Then they become the trap, and the game begins again.

Froggy & the Fly

Girls sit in a circle, facing each other. One person is it and stands in the middle of the circle. Everyone closes their eyes, and the troop leader chooses the froggy from the girls seated by tapping her on the head. Then everyone can open their eyes.

The goal of the game is for it to figure out who is froggy before all the flies (other girls) are dead. The girls all have to look around at each other’s faces. It turns around in the circle to try and catch froggy.
Froggy catches the flies by flicking her tongue out when she has eye contact with a fly and that fly dyes a dramatic death!  Froggy needs to be sneaky so it doesn’t figure out who she is.

It can guess who she thinks froggy is whenever, but loses a ‘body part’ every time she guesses wrong (covers one eye with hand, has to hop on one foot).
Game is over when it can’t move or can’t see OR correctly identifies froggy. When game is over, froggy becomes it, and a new froggy is chosen by it using the same method as the first time (with old it sitting out the game).

Where is Mr. Turkey?
One player is the hunter and the others are helpers. The hunter leaves the room. The helpers hide a small toy turkey (or any item from your purse, GS bin, etc). The hunter returns with a mission to find the turkey. Helpers give clues by “gobbling” like turkeys. If the hunter is not close, the helpers gobble very quietly. As the hunter gets closer, the helpers gobble more and more loudly until Mr. Turkey is found!