Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why Troop #8365 loves Girl Scouting

Earlier this year during Girl Scout Week we shared an inspiring post from one of our girl members about why she loves being a Girl Scout. We loved the post so much, we decided to create a year-long series! Once a month, we'll invite a girl, a volunteer or a staff member to share with you what makes Girl Scouting so important to him or her. We look forward to share this with you! To kick things off, here's why the girls in Troop #8365 love being Girl Scouts.

It’s a simple question with as many answers as there are members: why do you love Girl Scouting? The Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts in Troop #8365 share their thoughts. All the girls in the troop have been members of the organization for at least six years. As older Girl Scouts, they agree – one of the things they love is that activities are more fun when you reach the Cadette and Senior level of Girl Scouts!

“Now that I’m older, the Girl Scout Journeys are more of a challenge, making it fun and interesting,” said Maria Z. “Being older gives us more opportunities and freedoms.”

Staying in Girl Scouts is also a great excuse to hang out with your besties in a tight-knit troop like #8365.

“I've continued in Girl Scouts because I enjoy every memory I have made with the girls in my troop,” said Samantha A. “They are my sisters now. I can’t imagine going on any trip without them by my side.”

Making memories is an important part of Girl Scouting. Priscilla P. says her favorite memories are making s’mores, going on hikes and staying up all night with her troop members. Samantha agrees hiking in a fun memory – especially one hike in particular.

“We went on a hike and got lost, so by the time we arrived back to our camp site, we had missed lunch and had to make a mixture of lunch and dinner!” she said.

Of course, these girls enjoy the serious side of Girl Scouting too. All the members of Troop #8365 are striving to earn their Gold Award before they graduate high school.

“I want to earn the Gold Award, which is the highest award that can be given when you make the world a better place,” said Samantha. Her troop leader is a big influence on this goal. “She encourages us to get out there to volunteer and is always asking what we want to do next. She makes sure we always have something to do to help around camp or the community. The thing that keeps me going to every meeting is wanting to learn skills that will help me become an independent woman in the future.”

Troop #8365 also loves encouraging other girls to join Girl Scouts.

“It’s worth it because you get lots of experience and make new friends you’ll keep for a long time,” said Juianna F.

“I’d encourage a lot of Girl Scouts to continue until they graduate from the program,” said Maria, “Because once you get older, you get a lot of freedom and more opportunities to do stuff. It’s loads of fun!”

Want to share why you love Girl Scouting? We’re looking for girls (13 and older) and volunteers to participate in the series. Email for more information.