Friday, August 2, 2013

Photoblog: Resident Camp & Day Camp

Can you believe it's already the final day of resident camp for GSSJC? Neither can we! This summer has flown by, and though we didn't get out to camp nearly as much as we would have liked (it's way more fun to hang out on the bay, with the horses or by Shadow Lake than to be indoors at the office, but shhh...don't tell!) we did manage to visit Camps Arnold and Misty Meadows once more - and stopped by the Program Place Day Camp for a really tasty lunch this week!

Scroll on to see all the fun we had during the final week of summer camp for 2013!

Camp Misty Meadows

We would be totally okay with this being our office - wouldn't you? :)

Best friends are made at camp.

Girls in the Horsin' Around session learned how to properly groom a horse - and even got to give a couple of them a bath! And these horses had no problem posing for a few photos while they were being groomed, as you can see.

Camp Agnes Arnold

Shades on! The girls in Paddles & Pedals were ready to rock-n-roll.

Staying cool by the pool on a hot afternoon.

By now, we're sure these girls are canoe paddling pros!

Hoping for a bull's eye during archery!

Program Place Day Camp

Day camp is always full of friends!

Our Daisies and Brownies (supervised, of course) were very serious about cooking their hot dogs! 
Look at those faces of concentration.

Of course, no Girl Scout camp is ever complete without s'mores!

How do you cook yours - lightly toasted or well done, like this Girl Scout?

This is just a handful of the moments and smiles we captured out at camp this year, and we'll be sharing more of these with you in the coming year in The Golden Link, the 2014 camp brochure and so much more. Thank you to everyone who helped make these moments happen. We had a great time visiting and look forward to doing it all over again next summer!