Monday, August 26, 2013

Guest Post: My summer as a CIT

Each summer, GSSJC offers the opportunity for girls to spend two weeks at camp as a CIT, or counselor in training. During this time girls learn the valuable skills it takes to be a counselor at Camps Agnes Arnold, Misty Meadows and Casa Mare. When Snare, a 2013 CIT, commented on our Facebook page about the fantastic time she had as a CIT this summer, we knew we had to share it with you. Read on for a different perspective of Girl Scout camp!

By Snare

Hi! My camp name is Snare, but my real name is Cameron. This past summer I participated in the CIT program. As an older and experienced camper, I would like to share with you my experience. I would like to start off with how grateful you will be for doing the CIT program, you gain lifelong friends in just two weeks!

As a CIT I challenged myself to do things I normally wouldn't  do at home. For instance, at home I am a very quiet and laid back person, but as a CIT I allowed myself to open up a little and become more confident in myself . As CIT, you're a role model to every girl around you. You want them have fun but to also stay safe. You yourself will be considered a camper but you're also a counselor, so sometimes a situation will arise where you may not know which to be at that very given moment. When in doubt I learned to go with your gut instinct and handle it as you believe you should.

At first I ran into quite a few situations where I wasn't sure what I should do. But as the two weeks went along, I learned from experience. If I felt uncomfortable in a situation, I knew I could always go to a counselor or the camp director - they are always willing to help you.

Another great resource were former CITs who were now counselors. As I went through my two weeks of training, I sometimes wished I had read a CIT experience to help and prep me on some of the things I could expect. I talked to CIT's from last year as I met them, and they talked me through situations that they had gone through as well. As a CIT, I felt very comfortable talking to the former CITs. Since they've been there before, they understood my experiences.

My biggest tip for all incoming or future CITs is to just be confident in yourself! Everything you do is a learning experience. If you mess something up, learn from the experience and fix it the next time you run into that situation! You can never have to many learning experiences. And know your campers will teach you something too!