Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where's Minnie?

Hello, Girl Scouts! Minnie here. Summer is a beary fun time when you're a Girl Scout - there's all kinds of fun places to go, new friends to meet and exciting new things to try! I recently went on a fun summer adventure...can you guess where I was?

While I was here, I met LOTS of new friends! Everyone was so nice and welcoming and excited to meet me - I was pretty excited to meet them too.

We enjoyed some time jumping on the moonwalk and exploring the Scout Houses - can you guess where I was?

If you read the blog last Friday you probably recognized where I was - day camp in Huntsville! In addition to making some new friends, playing outside and having a great time jumping on the moonwalk, I also got to enjoy some other activities.

The Daisies at arts & crafts were making...aliens! EEK! It fit with their space theme and once I realized they weren't scary aliens...I was pretty impressed by their works of art!

But my beary favorite part of the day was getting to make some Milky Way Milkshakes! 

What can I say? They were beary good!

See you soon,

Minnie is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and grew up in Houston. She loves canoeing at camp, eating Thin Mints and making new friends.