Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where's Minnie?

Hello, Girl Scouts! Minnie here, and I got to go somewhere really cool this past weekend!

Any guesses? Here's another hint:

Have you guessed it yet?

I visited the capitol building in Austin! But I wasn't there as a tourist. I was there to see a beary special event!

I attended the Statewide Gold Award Ceremony! It sure was neat getting to meet so many girls from Texas who have earned the Gold Award. They're very impressive young ladies.

Here I am with some new friends from the Central Texas Council. Aren't they cute in their uniforms? They were so sweet to take a picture with me for my post.

Here's a view from above our friends of the Central Texas Council took. Pretty neat, right?

Here's a great shot of all the girls from San Jacinto Council who attended the ceremony.

And here's all the girls from Texas who attended! You can find more photos from the ceremony here.

See you soon,

Minnie is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and grew up in Houston. She loves canoeing at camp, eating Thin Mints and making new friends.