Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Purse-onality: Resident Camp edition!

We all know any Girl Scout worth her Thin Mints always has a great big Girl Scout smile stashed in her pocket, but what does she keep in her resident camp duffle bag? In this special edition of our ongoing blog series "Purse-onality" we share the essentials every camper should have in her bag this summer!

Resident camp begins in less than a week and we couldn't be more excited for all the fun our campers will have this summer! Whether you’re heading to Camp Casa Mare to sail the high seas, Misty Meadows for a little quality time in the barn or Agnes Arnold to canoe the days away on Shadow Lake, you’re in for some fun. You might even spot our blogging friends Daisy and Minnie out at camp this summer!

But of course to make sure camp is all fun and games, it’s important to have all the camp essentials. Click the photo for our special camp Purse-onality to make sure you have these must-have items. Click “Read More” below the photo to see the complete packing list.

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Bag: Every camper should start with a duffle bag to hold all her camp must-haves. We like this one for all the extra pockets – lots of space to stash all those treasures you’ll find at the Trading Post or Ship Store!

  1. Sleeping Bag & Pillow: Make you bed at camp feel cozy like home with your favorite sleeping bag and a pillow. Some campers bring sheets and a blanket instead of a sleeping bag too. Bring whatever is most comfortable for you.
  2. Stationary & Cards: The secret to a great week at camp? Lots of stationary or notecards so you can write home to mom, dad and all your friends about all the cool things you’re doing.
  3. Swimsuit & Towel: It’s unlikely you’ll forget these essentials! If you’re like us, your favorite part of the day at camp is swimming. It’s a great way to cool off under the hot Texas sun. (See #7 for another essential swimming item!)
  4. Jeans & Water Shoes: Headed to ride horses? You must have a pair of jeans on to ride! Going to Arnold or Casa Mare for some fun in the water? Don’t forget your water shoes – you don’t want wet tennis shoes the whole week!
  5. Toiletries: Don’t forget your tooth brush and shampoo! A complete list of toiletries you should bring are listed below.
  6. Water Bottle & Flashlight: Camp is fun, but it can also be hot. Make sure you have a water bottle that is easy to carry around all day. Flashlights are essential for night hikes (if your session has one) and the Thursday night campfire!
  7. Poncho, Sunscreen & Bug Spray: Be prepared – it’s the Girl Scout motto. These three items will keep you prepared for the sun, rain and pesky mosquitoes.
  8. Sneakers: You’ll do a lot of walking at camp, so be sure to wear or bring a good pair of sneakers for the week. Remember: closed toe shoes are required at all times at Camps Arnold and Misty Meadows. Flip flops are permitted during the day at Camp Casa Mare only.
Here is the complete packing list for resident camp:

Do not pack these items. They will be needed at Check In.
Health card and Medication card
Over the counter medication form
Camper Agreement Form
Permission Slip and Medical Form
Authorization for Release of Information Form (HIPPA)
Copies of certifications (if any)

Pack these in as few pieces of luggage as possible.
Shirts – short sleeves (no tube tops)
Jeans – required for horseback riding sessions
2 pairs of shoes, one of which are closed toed and have a back strap (i.e. Crocs), and one of which are closed toed and have a closed heel (tennis shoes) to wear at night
Socks – must cover the ankle
Spare bag or backpack to carry swimsuit and towel in during the day
White t-shirt to decorate
Hat, baseball cap or bandana
Rainwear (raincoat or poncho)
Towels and washcloths
Lightweight blanket (may substitute lightweight sleeping bag)
Sheets, pillow and pillowcases for twin size bed
Plastic water bottle or drinking cup with handle
Flashlight with extra batteries and bulbs
Stationary and stamps (stamped and addressed for Daisies and Brownies)
Camera (optional)
Insect repellant
Laundry bag
Some plastic bags are handy to pack wet things when going home

Required for Canoeing/Sailing
Wide-brimmed or baseball cap
Tennis shoes (old ones are preferred), water shoes or Aqua-socks to wear in the lake/bay