Friday, June 21, 2013

Photoblog: Kicking off camping season!

In lieu of our usual Friday "Media Wrap-up", we thought we'd share some of the photos we snapped at the camps we visited this week! Throughout the summer, we'll be popping in at day and twilight camps, as well as sessions at resident camp, to take photos for next year's camp brochure, The Golden Link, social media and more. You can also follow us on Instagram (handle is: gssjc) for pictures (and maybe even a few videos!) from camp.

Here's a look at what we saw this week:

Silver Springs II Day Camp

Best of buds! Always have to have your buddy at camp.
Even if that buddy gets a little silly sometimes...
Enjoying some time in the pool at Camp Silver Springs.
Strike a pose!
Girls attending this day camp practiced survival skills all week. Here two Girl Scouts work on their
search & rescue skills by searching grids of a hiking trail and trying to locate lost toys.
Girls also learned outdoor cooking skills - handy for cooking your own lunch!

Camp Agnes Arnold

Next stop was Camp Agnes Arnold to say hello to all our week 1 resident campers.
Got there just in time for lunch - yum!
Best way to entertain yourself while waiting for the rest of your table to finish eating? Singing songs!
Can you guess which song these two campers were entertaining us with?
Before the rain moved in, we also got to stop by and say hello to girls learning to canoe.

Camp Misty Meadows

Final stop of the day was Camp Misty Meadows. "I want to ride THAT horse!"
"Wooooah!" Girls spent their riding time learning how to start and stop their horses and
steer them to the right or left.
They were an outstanding group of riders - very poised!

Howdy, y'all!
We had a great time stopping by a couple of our camps this week and look forward to sharing more photos as the summer goes on! 

Don't forget, you can share your camp photos with us on Facebook and Twitter - we'll do our best to repost or retweet them!