Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where's Minnie?

Hello, Girl Scouts! Minnie here. It's nearly summer time and you know what that means - CAMP! Daisy and I just couldn't wait for resident camp, day camp or twilight camp to we got permission to spend a weekend at camp - and learned about a few of this camp's legends. Can you guess which one we visited?

You are all very good at guessing, so we're just giving a couple hints. We waited and waited here for the Magic Elf...but he never appeared. Have you seen him before?

AAAHHH! Something giant and purple is trying to eat us! Okay, not really...but we thought it would be a fun, silly picture to take. Legend has it this giant creature lays eggs on Fridays during resident camp...and they taste suspiciously like watermelons.

Can you guess where we are? We hope you've signed up for camp - if not there's still plenty of time. We hope to see you when we visit!

See you soon (at camp!),

Minnie is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and grew up in Houston. She loves canoeing at camp, eating Thin Mints and making new friends.