Thursday, May 2, 2013

Purse-onality: Program Manager Emily Kremer

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We all know any Girl Scout worth her Thin Mints always has a great big Girl Scout smile stashed in her pocket, but what does she keep in her purse? In this ongoing blog series we'll ask Council staff, board members, volunteers and more to share their "Purse-onality!"

If you've ever attended a Council STEM event, been a member of our robotics program and done anything that taught you more about science, technology, engineering and math...there's a good chance you've met Program Manager Emily Kremer! As a program manager, she was in charge of everything relating to STEM and has put on some really cool events and programs for our Girl Scouts.

As our Council makes the transition to our new structure (learn more here) some of our staff are transitioning into new positions, and Emily is one of those. She will be the Council's grants and outcomes analyst - she'll collect and analyze data from surveys. Sounds like all-business, right? We thought so too until we took a look inside Emily's purse! Her bag and its contents has to be one of the most creative and whimsical ones we've had since we started this blog series almost a year ago - read on to learn more about her "Purse-onality."

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