Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where's Minnie?

Hello, Girl Scouts! Minnie here. I recently went on my very first camping adventure with the GSSJC Alumnae Association and had a great time! Can you guess where we went camping?

Not long after arriving, I made some brand new friends! We went hiking, and they were even nice enough to give me a ride on the tire swing at this camp.

All that fun worked up an appetite, so my new alumnae friends invited me to join them for lunch - this bear loves barbecue!

After lunch, we learned how to shoot a bow and arrow at this camp's archery range - don't worry, no bears were harmed during this activity! (And don't try that at camp! Bears only.)

Later that night we make a Girl Scout camp favorite for dinner: Silver Turtles. You fill a pocket of foil with meat and veggies to cook over the fire - so yummy! Plus, there's no dishes. Doesn't get better than that!

And then we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Have you figured out which camp we were at yet?

Here are some other activities we enjoyed: making necklaces from soap stone, building kites and - this should give it away if you haven't figured it out - we went bird watching. And not just for any bird - for bald eagles!

Have you figured it out now?

We were at Camp Pryor! I had a great weekend with the Alumnae Association and hope they'll let me come along next time they go camping. If you were a Girl Scout as a girl or as an adult, you can join the GSSJC Alumnae Association for free! Maybe I'll see you next time at camp!

See you soon,

Minnie is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and grew up in Houston. She loves canoeing at camp, eating Thin Mints and making new friends.