Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where's Daisy?

Hi Girl Scouts! It's me, Daisy. And you know what? It's my favorite time of year! The trees are getting green. Flowers are growing. The sun is shining, and it's getting warmer outside. Bears love spring because it means the end of hibernation and time for some fun - like going to camp!

I'm really excited about going to camp in your Council this year. Ever since I got back from ACA with your program staff, I've been browsing the resident camp brochure trying to decide which sessions to attend. I'm also excited to stop by a day camp or two - and maybe even a twilight camp if I'm allowed to stay up late and have a snow cone!

To get ready for camping season, I got to tag along to a camp in your Council my new friends in Troop #8525 and Troop #8325, and boy did we have fun!

We stayed in the Hoot 'N Holler unit of the camp we visited - can you guess where we are?

We enjoyed lots of hiking - and look! I got to travel in style in one of my new friend's backpack. It sure was a fun way to see camp. (The best part? I didn't get Bearnapped!)

We were at this camp for Golden Ember's service unit weekend and had a great time. Here we are doing some crafts. Can you guess where we are yet?

Of course with all that fun, we had to be sure to get lots of sleep. Here I am snuggled in my bed. Did you figure it out yet?

We were at Camp Robinwood! Thank you to my friends in Troops #8525 and #8325 for a fun weekend. I hope to see you again soon!

Until next time,

Daisy is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and grew up in Savannah, Ga. She loves hiking in the woods at camp, eating Peanut Butter Patties and making new Girl Scout friends.