Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Purse-onality: Volunteer Development Manager Judy Syring

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We all know any Girl Scout worth her Thin Mints always has a great big Girl Scout smile stashed in her pocket, but what does she keep in her purse? In this ongoing blog series we'll ask Council staff, board members, volunteers and more to share their "Purse-onality."

If you volunteer with Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council, chances are you've met Volunteer Development Manager Judy Syring along the way! Whether it's by participating in the annual Adult Recognition ceremony where we honor our Council's outstanding volunteers from the past year (this year's is coming up in just two weeks!) or attending trainings like ETC (EveryThing Covered), Judy is a huge part of what makes the behind-the-scenes stuff happen for these stellar events. (Along with help from her volunteer partners and fellow volunteer experience staff, of course!) 

Such a busy lady is sure to have some interesting items in her purse - read on to learn more about Judy's "Purse-onality!"

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