Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GSSJC begins construction at Camp Myra S. Pryor

BLS Construction begins work in the distance at GSSJC's
Camp Myra S. Pryor in El Campo, Texas.
Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council (GSSJC) has selected El Campo’s BLS Construction Company to build Phase 1 of GSSJC’s Camp Myra S. Pryor expansion, including the infrastructure for a town square, gathering pavilion and activity center.

“We have worked with BLS Construction on a number of Girl Scout projects and are pleased to be working with them again as we expand our camp program, something we believe is an intrinsic part of the Girl Scout experience,” said Mary Vitek, GSSJC’s CEO. “We believe Camp Pryor has the greatest potential for development as we move forward and look forward to our future.”

In October, GSSJC held a groundbreaking ceremony to commence the construction of Camp Pryor’s Ranch Site, one of three distinct sites that will maximize the camp’s vast and varied terrain. Camp Pryor’s 277 acres will be utilized to develop a Ranch Site, Lake Site and River Site that will offer a myriad of diverse programs with the goal of educating girls on the importance of conservation.

Crews began work on the Ranch Site, a space which
will be devoted to environmental education.
BLS Construction has already commenced work on structures included in the Ranch Site, the site devoted to environmental education. In addition to the structures BLS is scheduled to build, the site will include a horse trough for the camp’s growing equitation program, a windmill and a western-themed building to house program activities and training.

“We are very excited to work with the Girl Scouts once again and look forward to kicking off Phase 1 of another endeavor,” said William Key, construction manager for BLS Construction Company. These improvements will definitely be a great addition to this camp and an asset to campers and visitors in the future. We appreciate the business and our continued relationship.”

Currently, Camp Pryor’s eco-friendly design and river-side location make it an ideal destination for 3,800 girls and adults each year. Updates to current and the addition of new cabin clusters, one of the next focuses of the Council’s fundraising efforts, will allow Camp Pryor to serve more girls. GSSJC hopes to complete the expansion of the camp in five years.