Friday, March 15, 2013

Purse-onality: Juliette Gordon Low

"We all know any Girl Scout worth her Thin Mints always has a great big Girl Scout smile stashed in her pocket, but what does she keep in her purse?"

We've been asking this question of our Council's staff and volunteers for nearly a year in our Purse-onality blog series. As Girl Scout Week approached, it got us wondering...what did Juliette Gordon Low keep in her purse?

Luckily we knew exactly who to ask - the experts at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace! Program Manager Katherine Keena replied to our email and shared some fantastic photos with us, so we end Girl Scout Week, here's a little look at Juliette Gordon Low's "Purse-onality":

Juliette's purse is on display at the Birthplace, so if your troop takes a trip you can see this for yourself! According to Katherine, a lady carried little in her purse - a handkerchief, perhaps some smelling salts (though, she says, Daisy was not a fainter), calling cards and perhaps notes for a speech or train or boat tickets. Perhaps she carried a letter to be sent, but writing letters and journals was something done at home on a desk as pens were not very portable.

In addition to these items, here are a few more Katherine suggests Juliette may have carried from time to time:

A passport would have been carried if Juliette was traveling abroad. This particular passport is from 1915.

When she was working on it or just after it was approved, Juliette may have carried this patent for the Girl Scout trefoil with her.

Here is a patent for a Girl Scout badge which, like the trefoil patent, may have been carried home in Juliette's purse for editing.

This special Purse-onality is just a small look inside Juliette's purse and getting to know the amazing woman that founded Girl Scouting. To learn more about her as you or your troop wraps up Girl Scout Week, visit the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace website.