Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guest Post: Why I love Girl Scouts

As part of Girl Scout week, we asked some past and present girl members to share their personal Girl Scout story with us. Today's post comes from Niki N., who is currently a Girl Scout Ambassador and Miss Harris County 2013! Niki shares how her Girl Scout experience has influenced her desire to do good as Miss Harris County this year. Read on her for Girl Scout story!

Niki N.
By Niki N.
Girl Scout Ambassador

I am the current Miss Harris County 2013 and a Girl Scout Ambassador. I earned my Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in Girl Scouts as well as the President Volunteer Service Award for five consecutive years. My years in Girl Scouts greatly contributed to earning these other awards and because of an amazing resume, with more than 1,000 hours of volunteer service from ninth through eleventh grade; I was also accepted early to Texas A&M University.

I was born into Girl Scouts since my mom was a leader for my older sister’s troop. I was a “tag along” from the age of 2. I attended all her meetings and was made the official troop mascot. When I was 5 years old, I was old enough to be a Daisy and was I proud of my Daisy apron and the petals I earned! I had my own troop with my own leaders and own friends but still attended my sister’s meetings and activities. I really did live for Girl Scouting.

I have many fond memories of camping, earning Try-Its, patches, badges, ceremonies, bridgings and, of course, cookie sales! Our troop earned the Bronze Award together by helping with BARC pet adoptions at our neighborhood Petco. For my Silver Award I held a Valentine’s Day concert and party for the residents of Brighton Garden, a nursing home in Houston. To earn my Gold Award, I held a Dental Camp at the Star of Hope Mission, teaching the children there about good oral hygiene and healthy foods. I was able to provide all the children with the necessary oral hygiene products for them to keep their mouths healthy at home.

I stayed involved in Girl Scouts for many reasons: I looked up to my sister and her achievements since she had earned her Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. I appreciated what my mom did as a leader and what my own leaders did. I liked earning the awards and understood their importance for my future, and I had a wonderful troop of friends. As I mentioned before, many of my Girl Scout volunteer hours counted toward my receiving the Congressional Girl Scout Award from the US Congress; I flew to Washington D.C. last summer to receive the medal at the Capitol building. I also won the Community Service Award and scholarship money at Miss Texas for my service hours. I truly believe that my passion for volunteering started with Girl Scouting!

I am ADHD and dyslexic, so it might seem impossible that I could do so many things including earning my Girl Scout awards; however, the Girl Scout guide books and record logs helped me learn to break large tasks into smaller, achievable pieces. I learned how to manage my time and, most importantly, how to work really hard for what I want to earn. Girl Scouts definitely fostered my desire to help others. My goal in life is to become a pediatric nurse and someday, a Girl Scout leader!

Are you a current Girl Scout 13 or older and interested in sharing your own Girl Scout story with us? Email for more info.