Thursday, March 14, 2013

Go Gold at Texas Children's Hospital

Kathryn's art wall at Texas Children's Hospital

Yesterday Girl Scout Ambassador Kathryn B. unveiled a project that she’s been dreaming of since she was just 3 years old: creating a space for patients at Texas Children’s Hospital to display their artwork. Her 30-foot art wall in the Blue Bird Circle Clinic at Texas Children’s is Kathryn’s Gold Award project and will earn her the highest honor in Girl Scouting achieved by less than five percent of girls who join the movement.

Not only was this a great way to teach the public what the Gold Award is all about - it was also a great way to continue celebrating Girl Scout Week!

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As a young girl, Kathryn spent a number of years under the care of physicians at Texas Children’s Hospital following an unexplained weight loss and lack of appetite that led to her hospitalization. Following her release, Kathryn spent the next two years visiting the hospital on a regular basis to closely monitor her condition.

Without realizing it then, it was during this time that her project idea was born. While Kathryn waited for her appointments, she created art masterpieces that she gave to doctors, nurses and fellow patients.

But she couldn't do one thing with her art: hang it on the wall.

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When it came time to choose a Gold Award project, Kathryn knew exactly what she wanted to do. It took many meetings with Texas Children’s Hospital representatives where Kathryn presented her idea to make her project possible: create an original mural with picture frames that open from the front so patients can put their own artwork on the walls as they please.

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Her persistence and clear vision paid off. Kathryn hoped for a 4-by-4 space to display artwork. Instead, she was granted a 30-foot wall space in the Blue Bird Circle Clinic, and her project is being considered a test model that may be implemented throughout the rest of the hospital.

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