Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest Post: Visiting Girl Guides in Thailand

Community Outreach Manager Darinee Suttajit visited Thailand in late December (you may remember she accompanied Daisy on her journey around the world), and we asked her to share her experience with us in honor of World Thinking Day on Friday, Feb. 22! Read on to learn more about Girl Guides in Thailand from her perspective and check out the collage of some of the Flat Daisies she brought back to share with us!

By Darinee Suttajit

Community Outreach Manager

During my trip in Thailand, I had the opportunity to work with two Girl Guides groups. Many thanks to my Girl Scout sister from GSSJC, Korrapin Lerpkittisuk, who helped me coordinate the meetings and helped me around Bangkok. Unlike the U.S., Girl Guides are only school-based and meet once a week during the school day as part of their curriculum. Everyone carries their own Girl Guide notebook and writes their assignment for a grade!  There are no Journey books or badges.

The first school I visited was the Satri Si Suriyothai School and met with 150 Girl Guides in seventh grade.  The girls all got into their assigned lines, sang their song, saluted and greeted me. All the girls were so beautiful in their Girl Guides uniform. The girls were a bit confused why I was carrying a teddy bear around, especially a bear with shoes. I taught them the Girl Scout Promise and talked about our Council. The girls were really excited to learn about the blog and Daisy. I brought every girl a Flat Daisy decorated by a troop with their Facebook/Twitter names so the Girl Guides can make new Girl Scouts friends. In exchange, the Girl Guides decorated their own Flat Daisies (see below) with their name and returned them to me so I could deliver them to the girls in the troop.

The last school was in the rural area, about one hour outside of Bangkok. There were only 30 fourth graders that were a mix of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts. They performed a traditional Thai dance for me when I arrived. Korrapin and I taught them the chicken dance, and they loved it. They also loved Daisy and didn't want me to take Daisy back to Houston. They were all smart kids and knew who the U.S. President and Vice President. After class, they all invited me to join lunch with them.

Overall the experience was amazing! It’s nice to experience Girl Scouting in another country and I enjoyed making new friends along the way!

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