Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Leadership Summit

Thank you to all of the key volunteers who attended the 2013 Leadership Summit at Camp Casa Mare this past weekend. This was the first unveiling of the results of the Promise Project work.

Now that these volunteers have received information, they will act as ambassadors for their current service units or interest groups as they take this information back to other volunteers to share.

Volunteer and staff partners of the Promise Project are very thankful for all of their participation and engagement in the summit and look forward to continuing to work together to renew our promise to girls that we will ensure Girl Scouting not only survives but thrives in the century to come.

Here are some photos from the day:

GSSJC CEO Mary Vitek welcomes volunteers to the Leadership Summit
Volunteers discuss how things like television and gas stations have changed
during a Leadership Summit session focused on change management.
The Promise Project Geography Team presents information during
their break-out session.
Volunteers regrouped to play the game "Blue or Green".
The Promise Project Steering Committee with GSSJC's Council President
and CEO. From left, Council President Stacy Methvin; COO Aimee Sproles;
Volunteer Elena McCreery; Volunteer Corrie Jenkins; Senior Membership
Director Tracy Gillin; and CEO Mary Vitek.
Promise Project patches which all Leadership Summit attendees received.

Continue to visit the Resources site for the latest information as GSSJC begins to implement this work. You can also visit our Council's Facebook page for Conversations That Matter 7 dates where you can also learn more about the results of the Promise Project.