Monday, November 19, 2012

Purse-onality: Community Outreach Manager Darinee Suttajit

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We all know any Girl Scout worth her Thin Mints always has a great big Girl Scout smile stashed in her pocket, but what does she keep in her purse? In this ongoing blog series we'll ask Council staff, board members, volunteers and more to share their "Purse-onality"!

Community Outreach Manager Darinee Suttajit is a busy gal. As a member of GSSJC's Community Outreach department, she handles presenting the six-week "Real Beauty" program to girls in Houston and Pearland ISDs. This program teaches girls about self-esteem and, like all Community Outreach efforts, reaches girls who otherwise would not have the chance to participate in Girl Scouting in our area.

In addition to heading up this project, Darinee also works on an after-school program for a group of girls at a Houston-area middle school. When she's not busy introducing girls all over Houston to Girl Scouting, Darinee is on-the-go for the Promise Project Geography team, meeting with volunteers all over the Council and getting their valuable input for her team's work. (To learn more about the Promise Project click here.)

Take a peek inside her purse and learn all about...Darinee's Purse-onality!

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