Thursday, November 1, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Fall Fun Day at GSSJC

It's a lot of fun working for Girl Scouts, and we enjoy being able to give you some behind-the-scenes looks at what goes on at Council headquarters from time to time. If you follow us on Twitter, you probably saw us Tweetin' up a storm earlier today during our Fall Fun Day.

Each year, a few of our fantastic staff members organize this event - Council staff are invited to bring their favorite fall treats and we all enjoy lunch together.

There's always lots of soups on the menu - just look at all those crock pots! We also get spoiled with some delicious salads, specialty breads and, of course, some amazing desserts. We're convinced Girl Scouts have all the best recipes for delicious home-cooked food.

Of course no Girl Scout event would be complete without a little craftiness. Each table was given a bag with some random supplies inside and challenged to put their creativity to work by making a turkey! Our table wasted no time getting down to business once our lunches were complete...

Our turkey in progress...

And completed. Meet Tomas, the Tweeting Turkey. Like any super savvy bird, he loves Twitter and keeping up with GSSJC on the go - check out his nifty iPhone!

We sneaked a peek at the Tweet he was reading...
But Tomas was definitely not the only crafty guy around. Meet his friends below.

B.I.G. (Believe in Gobblers) Turkey - he's quite festive wearing all those colors!

Mr. ToGetHerThere Turkey - we love his stylish hat.

Panchita Turkey. Her tail feathers double nicely as a head dress, don't they?

Toby the Turkey - definitely had the best plumage of the bunch!

Turkiesha Baister - she had one beautiful necklace on.

And Dinner. Yikes - someone rescue him from that plate, fast!

Our Fall Fun Day organizers will be announcing a winner at our Council's All Staff meeting later this month - until then, if you drop by GSSJC headquarters, be sure to check out all the fantastic turkey creations in the lobby!

A big thank you to all the staff members who help make this day possible - and incredibly fun - every year. It's always a great time!