Monday, October 29, 2012

Girl Scout receives first place in Junior Olympic archery division

GSSJC Junior Mireille M. was recently announced the national winner of the Female Bowman Barebow Category of the Third Quarter Outdoor Junior Olympic Archery Division (JOAD) Mail-in Tournament. To earn the title, Mireille beat three archers with a score of 193.

“I love archery because there is nothing like the special moment when my bow, my arrow and I become one,” said Mireille.  “I aim at the target and hit the bull’s-eye.”

Ten-year-old Mireille is a JOAD member of GSSJC’s Archers in Motion (AIM) program, which follows USA Archery guidelines. Members of AIM meet once a month at a Girl Scout camp to shoot 36 arrows in an attempt to attain specific JOAD and GSSJC shooting levels. In her spare time and in between AIM meetings, Mireille practices her skills in her backyard and indoors at Vicking Archery.

“I enjoy shooting at Camp Robinwood where I can be with my Girl Scout friends and it’s a lot of fun,” said Mireille.

Archers from across the United States participate in these tournaments because it’s a great way to compete with other archers across the country without the deterrent of travel. JOAD mail-in tournaments are open to JOAD archers across the nation and are broken into divisions. All competitors’ scores are tallied at the end to determine a winner.