Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Complete the Camping Patch Challenge!

Great news, Girl Scouts! We’re extending our Camping Patch Challenge deadline through May 2013. So many Girl Scouts have had a blast earning this patch during the 100th anniversary of our organization, and we wanted to give new troops the opportunity to earn this extra special patch before the end of this membership year. To learn more about the requirements, click here. Read on for the great time Troop #14649 had earning the patch – they were the first troop to do so in the Council! 

Mr. Ross teaches Troop #14649 about trees at Camp Arnold.
By Melissa S.
Troop #14649 Leader

Last year was our first year as a new troop. My daughter had been a Daisy the previous year with another troop, but we were zoned to a different school so we started a new troop. The first year girls were really excited to be Girl Scouts and all that this meant.

It was an exciting year to join Girl Scouts with all the 100th anniversary celebrations and activities. The troop started to plan their year, and the girls were intrigued by the Camping Patch Challenge. The patch is so cute, and the girls really wanted to add it to their vests. They also liked the idea of visiting the various camps and exploring. At the Daisy level, we were required to visit three camps to qualify for the patch. This happily coincided with the activities that the girls were interested in attending.

Our first visit was to Camp Agnes Arnold for the "What is That Tree?" program. The girls had a great time at this program. They particularly loved learning about the vomit tree from Mr. Ross and have been singing the vomit tree song ever since. They got to explore the camp when the program leader took them on a hike to see the variety of trees on the property. After the program, we took some to check out the campsites, meet Hipper and visit the lake.

Our second camp to visit was Camp Misty Meadows for Love, Hug and Groom. The girls were thrilled to get the opportunity to brush and comb the horses. They received a tour of the barn and learned about the various programs Girl Scouts offers involving the horses. After visiting with the horses, we took a hike around the campground and stopped for a picnic. We were tired day campers on the way home!

Our last camp to visit was Camp Robinwood. We attended the Earth Day Extended Carousel as day campers (the girls are not quite ready for an overnight yet). The girls had fun learning about ways to protect the earth, various ways to reuse/recycling and performing actual tests on the water from Lake Ann. We had a picnic lunch at one of the campsites with another troop. Afterward, we learned and played games for other countries that a couple of Junior Girl Scouts taught them.

We have already begun meeting this year, and the girls are really excited about the things that we have planned: Brownie Magic here we come! (We might even be ready for that overnight!)